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11 mars 2009 3 11 /03 /mars /2009 08:56

A transmission sheet useable for slide transmission is now available. As soon as you have new cases for the blog, please select and copy the image below and paste it in a Word file (or print it directly by using the print tool), fill it in and send it together with the slides packed in a solid envelope.

It is important to remind that to be of practical use for clinicians and pathologists, the "final diagnosis" has to be ascertained by histology and/or by imaging techniques and follow-up. It is therefore necessary to make an unequivocal and argued description of the presence or absence of tumour cells. The diagnostic criteria have to be described with great care. For the record, please have a look on the Spriggs and Boddington's book (1989) in which only six series published between 1964 and 1985 were considered as having relevant data. As stated by the authors "if histological confirmation is required, then most benign cases will be exluded from the tables". It is for that reason that "to maintain and improve efficiency, there is no substitute for follow-up of all cases, whether or not malignancy is in question".

Thank you for collaboration. Don't hesitate to provide new cases.
The E-sc@n team

Ref. Spriggs AI, Boddington MM. Atlas of serous fluid cytopathology. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 1989, pp.123-124

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5 mars 2009 4 05 /03 /mars /2009 13:45

The first slides to be photographed were received from Véronique Hofman (Nice, France). Submitted cases include two malignant epithelioid mesotheliomas, four TTF-1 positive pulmonary adenocarcinomas and one mucoepidermoid carcinoma metastatic to the pleura. Micrographs illustrating histopathologic confirmation were transmitted together with the slides. Many thanks to Véronique for her contribution to the educative part of E-sc@n. Images will be rendered accessible online as soon as possible.

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3 mars 2009 2 03 /03 /mars /2009 12:37

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the contribution of new pathologists from Madrid. Thanks to Dra. Purificación Dominguez Franjo, Dr. Fernando Pinedo Moraleda and Dr. Manuel Nevado Santos who are currently working at the Unidad de Anatomia Patológica, Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón, Madrid.

Dra. Beatriz Jiménez-Ayala (here at the microscope) is our contact at the
Instituto Jiménez-Ayala in Madrid. She has kindly accepted to participate in the project team. Let us take the opportunity to thank everyone who responded to our call for contributors. We expect to have a number of posts from guest contributors over the time. If you missed the announcement and are interested in contributing, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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27 février 2009 5 27 /02 /février /2009 14:38

The first trainee we recruited is Mélanie Plazy. Mélanie is 21 years old. She is currently studying at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 for the MIV* L3 level. Her mission is to analyse literature data in the pathobiology area, to write a review article on the subject and to develop tools for the questionnaire under construction. Please give her a warm welcome in case she contacts you for information.

*Mathématiques et Informatique du Vivant (Mathematics and Informatics for Life Sciences)

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17 janvier 2009 6 17 /01 /janvier /2009 21:17

General coordination

Eric Piaton, MD, PhD
Centre de Pathologie Est
Hôpital Femme-Mère-Enfant
59, bd Pinel, 69677 Bron Cedex (France)
Tel. 00-33 (4) 72 12 96 06
Fax 00-33 (4) 72 35 70 67

Philippe Vielh, MD, PhD
Unité de Cytopathologie
Institut Gustave Roussy
39, rue Camille Desmoulins
94805 Villejuif Cedex (France)
Tel. 00-33 (1) 41 73 78 95
Fax 00-33 (1) 41 73 78 95

Adviser for molecular biology

Ben Davidson, MD, PhD
Department of Pathology
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
Rikshospitalet Medical Center
Montebello N-0310 Oslo (Norway)
Tel. 00-47-22 93 48 71
Fax 00-47-22 50 85 54

 Adviser for telecytology and quiz

Katharina Glatz, MD

Institut für Pathologie
Universitätsspital Basel
Schoenbeinstrasse 40
4031 Basel (Switzerland)
Tel. 00-41 (0) 61 265 28 80
Fax 00-41 (0) 61 265 31 94

English translation
No volunteer to date: English version by E. Piaton

European partners
See the "European partners" section

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Published by Eric Piaton, MD (Lyon, France)