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 Normal aspects

Cohesive clusters of flatened mesothelial cells, sometimes wrapped or folded, typically seen in lavage. MGG, x 40

Fragment of a sheet of mesothelial cells. Note the honeycomb appearance of dilated intercellular spaces. MGG, x 200

Details from the previous view. Some cells are apoptotic. Note the regular chromatin pattern and nuclear shape. MGG, x 400

Same feature as in the first view: cohesive sheet, somewhat folded. Papanicolaou, x 100

Edge of a sheet of normal mesothelial cells. Papanicolaou, x 200

Monolayer sheets of normal mesothelial cells sampled by laparotomy and lavage
Woman 61 years old with a 14 cm diameter ovarian cyst which revealed to be a benign teratoma (mature thyroid tissue). MGG and Papanicolaou, x100, 200 and 400 (ref. 09EC00762, provided by E. Piaton)

Artefacts and non specific alterations

Woman 26 years old with ovarian cyst. Peritoneal lavage showing sheets of altered normal mesothelial cells
Variation in size and variation in staining intensity can be demonstrated. Some cells are enlarged, but uniformity is obvious. Such variatons are due to the action of normal saline serum and to drying artefacts (MGG x200 and x400, ref. 09EC01041, provided by E. Piaton)
Histopathology of peritoneal biopsies: to be completed
Histopathology of the ovarian cyst: to be completed

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